Monterey: Our latest vacation travel guide video

Welcome to the latest stop on our big world adventure. Brimming with fresh seafood, literary history, and endless Californian coastline, Monterey sure looks like a delight.

Our Los Cabos Travel Guide Video is Here!

Calling all sun-lovers! Los Cabos brings the heat for holiday-makers. Explore the two towns that make up Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Between them, you’ll find an abundance of gorgeous beaches waiting for you.

This region in the Baja California Sur captures the meeting point between desert and ocean in a spectacular fashion. The shores here bring swimmers and sunbakers by day and partiers by night, so you can keep the good times rolling in Los Cabos.

Step off the warm sand and take in the Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful art and world-class food. Discover more on why Los Cabos is a hotspot for paradise seekers on the Expedia page.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Travel Video is Live Today!

Welcome to two million acres of Mother Nature in all her glory! From geothermal wonders to ever-thundering rivers, Yellowstone National Park is a safe haven for great American flora and fauna and answers the call of nature lovers everywhere.

Yellowstone was founded in 1872 making this national park a world first. Explore the hot springs, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, mountains, canyons and geysers – and say hello to the wildlife walking among them.

Heralded the grandfather of all national parks, Yellowstone can trace its ancestry well beyond: to creation itself. Follow the adventure in our Yellowstone National Park Vacation Travel Guide Video below.

Don’t miss this treasure trove of nature on your North American travels. You can see all the breathtaking beauty of Yellowstone at Expedia.

Anchorage - Our latest Vacation Travel Guide

Sit back. Relax and enjoy our latest Vacation Travel Guide … Anchorage

Expedia's Guernsey Vacation Travel Guide

Resting in the waters between England and France, we find Guernsey – the subject of our latest Vacation Travel Guide video.

Although the second largest of the Channel Islands, Guernsey is still only 65 square kilometres. While small, the island manages to punch well above its weight in the world, with a long and fascinating history.

Guernsey’s fortunes were fashioned intermittently by trade and war. St. Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey, is not just a pretty face. While today it is one of the loveliest harbour towns in Europe, its picturesque streets were shadowed by conflict during World War II.

Watching over it all, Castle Cornet has been safeguarding the harbour for over 800 years. From its ramparts, you’ll find views back over the town, out to sea, and beyond to the sister islands of Herm and Sark. Within the castle’s barracks are some of the island’s museums, which are perfect places to find and follow the threads of Guernsey’s historical tapestry. On the outskirts of the capital lies the La Vallette Underground Military Museum which chronicles Guernsey’s role in the Second World War.

While Guernsey has a stormy past, the darkness is balanced by the glow of the great art that was born there. In the 19th century, Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables in his home on the island. From that vantage point, and with a periodic gaze back at his homeland of France, he penned the classic novel. A decade later, that same coastline served to inspire the works of fellow countryman, Renoir.

Just as impressive as its past is Guernsey’s power to let you lose yourself in the present. The sweet sunshine and breeze off the water hum in the background of this Channel Island treasure.

Jersey Vacation Travel Guide

When you think of islands, often it’s palm fronds and coconuts that come to mind. During our research for the Jersey script, however, we discovered that some islands have more to offer than just sunshine and lazy days.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and sits proudly between England and France.

A compact island laced with lanes and walking trails you can travel by bus, foot, or rental car.

Sit back and watch the tide roll in and out, and find it’s just as easy to forget the hundreds of years of history that took place around you.

Lisbon Vacation Travel Guide

“Try to keep this one to seven minutes, okay.” These are the words our production manager routinely dispenses as our team embark on a new destination guide. One look at the footage of Lisbon, however, and we quickly realized there was zero chance of a seven minute video. In fact we had a hard time bringing this one in at under fifteen! Well, there’s always next time. Until then, come with us and explore Portugal’s incredible capital; a place where beauty, tradition, creativity and adventure knows no limit.

Gibralter Vacation Travel Guide

Gibraltar is a small peninsula that lies at the southernmost tip of Spain. Just a 3-hour flight from London, it is a tiny slice of the British Empire with a heroic colonial history and 300 days of sunshine.

Although it covers less than 3 square miles, Gibraltar’s strategic location has made it one of the most fought over places in Europe. For centuries, it has withstood political manoeuvring, sieges and battles and today, with its red call boxes, Union Jacks and high street shops, Gibraltar staunchly stands as a small pocket of England in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Frankfurt Vacation Travel Guide

Who would’ve thought that the home of the European Central Bank, the German Stock Exchange and one of Europe’s busiest airports could be so easy-going, delightfully compact and creative? Come and join us for bembel of apefelwein as we explore the incredible city of Frankfurt.