Nothing short of paradise for lovers of the great outdoors, this wild heart of North America known as the Rocky Mountains offers an extraordinarily diverse range of landscapes to explore, including iconic destinations like Yellowstone and Banff

Stretching over 4,800 kilometers (3,000 miles) from Canada all the way south to New Mexico in the USA, our Shoot Planner, Sandra, certainly had her work cut out for her when narrowing down what to capture. But as usual, she singled out the finest features of this very special place with finesse.

The script for this video presented its own set of challenges. One of TM’s chief scriptwriters, John Danalis revealed, “When writing scripts for our vacation guides it’s important to guide the viewer logically through the destination. Thankfully Google maps and street view allows our writers to put themselves on the ground, albeit virtually. The challenge when writing scripts for national parks and wilderness areas is that street view ends when the hiking trails begin, making it difficult to see the forest from the trees. When writing Rocky Mountains National Park, we went back to basics, referring to good ol’ fashion trail maps, hiker forums, and the most valuable resource of all, the ever-helpful and passionate park rangers.” Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The fresh air, friendly locals and pristine environment really made an impression on our Videographer, Ian too. So much so, he’s decided he wants to build a holiday home there. Coming from a man whose job it is to travel to only the most beautiful places on the planet, that’s truly a testament to what kind of magical force the Rocky Mountains possess.

This natural wonderland has a knack of re-tuning your senses and restoring equilibrium in a world that often hurtles past at breakneck speed. So when it’s time to log out, turn off and slow down, know that the splendid Rocky Mountains are patiently awaiting your arrival, arms wide open.


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