How we helped shift  Expedia’s YouTube presence into a warm and informative space for an engaged community, and attracted nearly 1 million subscribers along the way…

The Challenge

Expedia discovered Tourism Media 10 years ago and engaged TM to help them build out quality destination content. Tourism Media took on the challenge of producing a new type of video that focused on Expedia’s knowledge of the best travel destinations around the world, highlighting to travellers the unique features and experiences of each destination.

Our Approach

In consultation with several teams at Expedia, we developed a blueprint for Expedia’s Travel Guide videos. The videos needed to be informative, warm and engaging, and focused on developing goodwill and positive brand recognition.

For nearly a decade we’ve been producing these video guides, evolving a seamless end-to-end pipeline and strategy which involves location planning, permissions, shooting, editing, music composition, content management and distribution, and global promotion and social media management.

The Results

From the bustling streets of Busan to the rugged peaks of Patagonia, our video productions have inspired travellers to explore the world with Expedia. Our productions have clocked up 220 million views, amounting to 1,500 years’ worth of watch time. They are responsible for 97% of the channel’s subscribers and over 90% of the channel’s user engagement (comments + likes).  

As planned, these videos have produced more than just impressive quantitative results. The qualitative benefits of these videos are slightly harder to measure, but are unmistakable in the viewer comments. The Expedia Travel Guide videos have fostered a positive and supportive community and provide deep value and inspiration to real travellers and armchair travellers alike.

Services Used

Video Production
Content Strategy
Custom CMS
Project Management
Sound Production
Music Composition
Promotion / Distribution Strategy

What the client says

“Tourism Media has been a long term and trusted partner of Expedia for several years. They provide us with photography, edited video and written destination content. The Tourism Media team organises all aspects of our destination photography and video shoots including liaison with the relevant tourism organisations and tourism operators, transport and logistics, the photo shoots themselves and then all aspects of post production. They research each destination from a data and demand perspective as well as from the perspective of a potential traveller. Their video’s have been a big success for Expedia in terms of customer acquisition and the comments and community they have built on our YouTube channel have brought us major brand value in addition to conversions to actual sales. Tourism Media have so far supplied us with more than 200,000 high quality images which are tagged with sophisticated meta data and delivered directly into our back end systems. The Team provides an outstanding level of customer service, has excellent technical skills and puts in 100% to our relationship. We would recommend Tourism Media as a content provider with no hesitation.”

Alistair Lattimore
Global Director, SEO
Expedia Group