From hand-processing film in makeshift darkrooms in the 90s, to capturing, editing and publishing over 250,000 travel photos on a global platform, photography has always been a core building block of TM’s DNA.

As a content company, we know how important good photography is. It’s often the first thing your customer sees when they visit your website. High-quality photography is an essential part of bringing content alive. It helps tell your story, creates emotional connections and inspires your audience to act.

 Our photography and post-production team can expertly weave your brand into shooting and editing styles, and provide you with a library of high-quality imagery you can use for years to come. Of course, there’s more to great photographic content than just pointing a camera. TM offers shoot planning and permission acquisition, image retouching and output optimisation, and customised shooting style and brand guidelines tailored for your business. We even offer in-person photography and editing training so you can fly solo. 

Here's what you can expect from us:

Our in-house production team thoroughly researches shoot destinations, prepares itineraries and liaises with local authorities to ensure our photographers bring home the best pixels possible. They’re experts at managing the complicated business of securing permissions and insurances, and handling legalities and on-ground support.

Our intrepid photographers are based in North America, the UK, South Africa and Brisbane, meaning they can be on location – anywhere in the world – within days. And with our in-house production team taking care of all the logistics, once our award-winning shooters land they can focus on what they do best: capturing incredible images.

Once our photographers’ hard drives are expressed to us, our in-house post-production department curates, edits and manages the delivery of the images, which often number in the thousands. Our production unit has worked extensively across the industry – from New York Fashion week to blockbuster movies – so they know how to deliver quality. When it comes to delivering the images, it can be as simple as supplying images on a hard drive, right through to delivery to a CMS on the latest cloud-based systems.