Adding to a long list of awards and prizes that our company has received over the years, Tourism Media can now include the 2020 Neo4j Graphie Award! This was awarded for Enigma, Tourism Media’s Natural Language Generation product.

For those who are unsure, Neo4j is a company that specialises in graph databases that treat the relationships between data as equally important to the data itself. The Graphie Awards serve to “recognize excellence in graph technology across a wide range of use cases and industries… Our aim is to showcase and celebrate cutting-edge or impactful graph-based projects owned by our startup program members, customers, partners, developers and ambassadors – especially those who seek to make positive change in the world with graphs.” (Greta Workman, Product Marketing Manager, Neo4j)

Tourism Media received the award for “Graphs for Intelligent Content Curation”. In a nutshell, this means creating high volume, high quality content that can be used by travel shopping companies and their customers to plan a complex itinerary with a solid understanding of their destination — all from the comfort of home.

Responding to the award, a spokesperson for Tourism Media commented: “Graph databases offer lots of advantages when trying to model and make sense of unstructured data sources like geography. Some things we’re now able to do with the project which we weren’t able to do before is ask much more complex and interesting questions of the data that ultimately build better content – ie. understanding ideas of around the world travel.”

Matt Cassidy, one of the co-directors of Tourism Media, went on to say: “working closely with our technology partners at Neo4j allows us to develop compelling automated content that delivers great SEO results.”

Last year, Tourism Media created around 60 million pages of content in more than 20 languages using Enigma, this brought in significant revenue for our clients and improved customer acquisition through SEO, one of the lowest cost marketing channels available.

Congratulations to all responsible for working with Neo4j and receiving this prestigious prize. 

Learn more about our automated content services and Natural Language Generation product, Enigma.