More stunning than spooky, Tourism Media’s latest video for Expedia is the Halloween-themed Transylvania Travel Guide. The video showcases all the fairytale elements of this famous Romanian region, from ancient castles to cobblestoned alleys and hauntingly beautiful forests.

On preparing for the Halloween special, our talented writer Lucy has said: Transylvania was so much fun to write because leaning into the spooky lore of the region is something we don’t usually get to do. I’m also a sucker for a fairy tale, so a destination brimming with castles and enchanted forests is the dream script!”

There’s plenty of historical background to keep traveling scholars entertained, discussing the impact various conquerors have had on the area, as well as the significance of attractions like Hunedoara Castle. Not to mention Vlad the Impaler and Bram Stoker’s Dracula — two of Transylvania’s most famous (or is that infamous) exports.

But the real highlight here is all the incredible footage. Combined with eerie organ-music fading in and out of medieval-themed strings, the Transylvania Travel Guide is a wonderful source of inspiration for the armchair traveler searching for their next getaway.

Speaking of the production process, Sawyer (our Post-Production manager) said: It was a hoot getting to work with the talented team at Tourism Media to create a spookily haunting Expedia halloween special. We played around ever-so-slightly with some SFX so look out for all kinds of easter eggs we hid throughout that video… they’ll make your skin crawl.”

Congratulations to Lucy, Sawyer and all who were involved in the making of this excellent Travel Guide. A quick read through YouTube’s comments section reveals how many people have been inspired by watching it.


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