If you’re anything like us, right about now you’re daydreaming of packing a bag and high-tailing it out of those four walls you’ve been confined to for months. And boy, did we find something special to tickle that annoyingly persistent travel itch. Introducing one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent masterpieces: Acadia National Park

Located on Mount Desert Island along the coast of Maine, USA, this stunning national park is about 445 kilometres (276 miles) north-east of Boston and 70 kilometres (45 miles) east of Bangor. Proudly flanking the eastern Atlantic seaboard, the sheer beauty of Acadia National Park stole our breath away.

Easily accessible by both car and boat, Acadia National Park boasts 43 kilometres (27 miles) of historic motor roads, as well as 72 kilometres (45 miles) of car-free carriage roads for bicycling and easy walking. For the more adventurous, there are a whopping 254 kilometres (158 miles) of hiking paths, in varying degrees of difficulty, crisscrossing this 19,020-hectare (47,000-acre) recreational wonderland. Even your furry, four-legged best friend is welcomed with open arms here!

Curiously tranquil and dramatic at the same time, Acadia National Park is an island paradise where your senses are rewarded at every turn. Ian, our Videographer, dragged himself out of bed in the dark to be the first in continental USA to witness the dawn of a new day from the glacier-scoured granite peak of Cadillac Mountain. Either the lack of sleep or the hypnotic sounds of the waves crashing on the shores at Little Hunters Beach, however, lulled him into a trance. His black and white polarising filter remains lodged between two of the larger rocks at the northern end! His feeling of loss was mercifully short-lived though. After the warm Atlantic breeze caressed his skin at Otter Cliff, Ian headed to Bar Harbor where he found a charming restaurant and tucked into some iconic Maine lobster and two (large) beers. ‘Tis hard to stay grumpy in a magical place like this.

Sandra, our Shoot Planner (who keeps her fingers permanently crossed that the weather gods are shining down during filming), was so thrilled with the kaleidoscope of colours they managed to capture. With the leaves changing, October is one of the most popular times to visit Acadia National Park. The team returned home with armfuls of some of the most stunning vistas we’ve ever seen. There’s never been a better time to make good on that pledge to explore more of our glorious planet. Sit back, get comfy and let our Acadia National Park Travel Video inspire your next grand outdoor adventure.

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