“What’s your favourite travel guide video so far?” It’s a common question, discussed at length around our lunch table at TM. Jordan. Tokyo. Cape Town. But the real answer is, it changes, almost every time we release a new video. But a clear new crowd favourite is the Oregon Coast.  Rohan (Shoot Planner), Dale (Videographer) and Luke (Composer), along with the rest of the crew have once again woven their magic and developed a travel guide worthy of 1st place on anyone’s list. It helps that the various locations within the video are packed with breathtaking views — featuring rugged beaches, quaint harbour towns and ancient redwood forests.

One of the main themes of the video is the “People’s Coast”, referring to the landmark legislation of 1967 that established free, public access along all 362 miles (583 kilometres) of the Oregonian coastline. Dale captured this essence while he travelled along one of the USA’s “great scenic drives”, Highway 101. The video leads us through numerous seaside destinations like Astoria, Tillamook Bay and Oswald West State Park. All up the video took Dale 16 days to film — featuring 9 cities and 12 towns en-route.

As you’d imagine, working on such an extensive shoot takes a lot of planning, and Roh did a fantastic job of scouting ahead of schedule. Reflecting on this process, Roh said: “Before the shoot started, I spent a lot of time researching Google Maps street view to find vantage spots for Dale. This provided a good general representation of the smaller towns en-route… and the results were great.”

Finding inspiration for a soundtrack to suit the idyllic Oregonian vistas was simple for Luke, our fabulous in-house composer. In crafting the perfect piece of music, Luke said: “Timeless beauty is at the heart of the People’s Coast. For me, nothing says timeless beauty more than an Electric Guitar drenched with a never-ending trail of reverb and a warm string ensemble.”

This Travel Guide was described as a pleasure to work on, and judging by the final product it’s not difficult to see why. Another big congratulations to the Oregon team for a job well done!

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