South Australia’s capital is fast becoming a hub of great food, even better drink and a whole lot of inspiring sights.

One of our favourite TM photographers, Matt Officen, recently went to Adelaide to capture some of the best bits of this fantastic city. He came back with these stunning shots.

It’s not a bad gig, getting paid to snap some of the best food in the region and then eat it. But Matt has a very particular process, and it isn’t all self-indulgence and a camera.

Tourism Media’s photographers are sent out into the field with strict shoot notes telling them where to go and what to photograph. Unfortunately, they only get a limited amount of time to get a whole lot done, so they can’t always enjoy the trips as much as they would like. That said, they always come home with a couple of highlights.

Matt particularly enjoyed capturing the fiery concoctions at the hidden cocktail lounge, Maybe Mae. He also mentioned that the photos of the age-old books stored in Adelaide State Library were among his favourite shots from the trip.

“I was surprised at the amount of street art there,” he added. “The sort of quality and creativity was something I expected more from cities like Melbourne and Sydney.”

Adelaide’s unique and ever-changing style combined with its long history of outstanding food and wine make it a city meant to be photographed, and Matt did a stellar job.

He continues to add a whole lot of value to the team here at Tourism Media. If you want to check out more of his great work, visit his website at