Bridgie's Aviation Adventure

Resident content team member, transport enthusiast and shutterbug, Matthew Bridges, recently took a trip to Perth to live his childhood dream of riding in a Boeing 747- 400 aircraft.

With the country-wide retirement of the 747 scheduled for 2020, Bridgie was desperate to experience the flying might of the jumbo jet before the mammoth Airbus A380 and modern 787 Dreamliner take reign over the skies. And, as all aircraft enthusiasts know, when flying in an iconic plane, one must always get a seat on the top deck.

Bridgie flew to Perth on the 12th of August to catch the jumbo jet back across the country to Sydney. He took some impressive shots of the Boeing aircraft and a few stunners from his time in Perth too!

Matt’s latest Shots from Perth!

We all know how far away Perth is from the rest of Australia. So, is it worth the trip? The latest photos from Matt Officen would suggest that this destination should definitely be on your bucket list.

From Perth’s finest food and breathtaking scenery to its futuristic architecture and friendly locals, Matt documented it all. We’re glad he did too, because he came home with some stunners!

Matt’s Perth highlights were the food and sunsets. His favourite from the trip was a sunset shot, captured through the ocean-facing windows of Indiana Restaurant, Cottesloe Beach.

Along with taking some tantalising images of this restaurant’s renowned dishes, he tried more of the region’s best offerings at other fine dining establishments. You really can’t look at these shots without starting to drool.

Matt is a sucker for sparkling ocean horizons, and the postcard-worthy seascapes in Western Australia are pretty hard to beat. He just couldn’t leave without taking some shots of Perth’s white sands and vivid blue shores.

We’re all extremely glad to have Matt on the Tourism Media team. If you’d like to see more of his fantastic work, check out his website at

Jon on The Road in Washington, D.C.

Time and again, our photographers go out into the field and send us back spectacular footage of the world’s most picturesque attractions and mouth-watering images of exotic food and drink.

Every so often, though, they send us silly selfies and quirky snapshots of their life on the road. As much as we love the stunning cityscapes, there’s something a bit special when we get to see a little of the behind the scenes action.

We recently received a few of these fun moments from our seasoned TM photographer, Jon Reid. He’s been in Washington, D.C. of late, and we’re glad to hear that he’s been having a blast.

Here he is, giving us a look through his lens at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. To check out some of Jon’s outstanding work, visit his website at nomadicvision.

Check out some of the latest photos from Adelaide

South Australia’s capital is fast becoming a hub of great food, even better drink and a whole lot of inspiring sights.

One of our favourite TM photographers, Matt Officen, recently went to Adelaide to capture some of the best bits of this fantastic city. He came back with these stunning shots.

It’s not a bad gig, getting paid to snap some of the best food in the region and then eat it. But Matt has a very particular process, and it isn’t all self-indulgence and a camera.

Tourism Media’s photographers are sent out into the field with strict shoot notes telling them where to go and what to photograph. Unfortunately, they only get a limited amount of time to get a whole lot done, so they can’t always enjoy the trips as much as they would like. That said, they always come home with a couple of highlights.

Matt particularly enjoyed capturing the fiery concoctions at the hidden cocktail lounge, Maybe Mae. He also mentioned that the photos of the age-old books stored in Adelaide State Library were among his favourite shots from the trip.

“I was surprised at the amount of street art there,” he added. “The sort of quality and creativity was something I expected more from cities like Melbourne and Sydney.”

Adelaide’s unique and ever-changing style combined with its long history of outstanding food and wine make it a city meant to be photographed, and Matt did a stellar job.

He continues to add a whole lot of value to the team here at Tourism Media. If you want to check out more of his great work, visit his website at

Enjoy our latest envy-inducing travel photos

Please enjoy the latest batch of stunning photos. These are from Dale who is shooting in Spain and has managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of this beautiful country.

Photos of the Week

We’ve said it before, but here at Tourism Media HQ, we are totally spoiled by the amazing photos that come across our desks from amazing places all over the world.

So, this week, we thought we’d share some of our favourites.


Photos from South Australia

One of our photographers, Jon R, is currently touring Australia and recently sent back some photos from his time in South Australia.

Jon loved the landscape in SA but says that the food experience there was even more amazing. Here are his highlights:

First, D’Aranberg winery prepared their signature dishes for me to photograph (and then eat). It included two desserts. I left feeling very content.

Later, on Kangaroo Island, someone told me about a restaurant in a fig tree, so when I drove past a sign called the Enchanted Fig Tree, I had to stop and investigate. The setting was more magical than I imagined. Within the fig tree was a space for four tables and a maximum of 14 guests. Music seemed to emerge from the tree. Part of the experience was that this seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, 30kms down a dirt road.

The next day I visited a place that grows marron – a fresh water crayfish as well as their own wine. Needless to say, it was an excellent lunch!

Photos from the Road - Ian in Chiang Mai

Check out our most recent photos in from the road – this time from Ian, one of our photographers who is currently in Chiang Mai.

Our intrepid photographer Jon visits Brisbane

Jon Reid has been shooting photos and videos for Tourism Media and Expedia since 2012. He’s captured everything from the world’s greatest cities to remote national parks and has visited most continents.

The talented South African photographer is based in London, but because his work takes him all over the world, he’s hardly ever there. As a young father, Jon has found the ideal solution to combine all the loves of his life: Whenever he can, he is taking his partner and two toddlers with him.

Having worked so closely together for years and having seen his travel pictures (and selfies!) in our inboxes on an almost weekly basis, we all felt that we knew Jon, but few of us had ever actually met him.

So, when he was on holiday in Australia with his family, we invited them to our weekly Friday barbecue. Jon and Tina, with three-year-old Caleb and one-year-old Aliyah in tow, had just come back from a trip to Bundaberg, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. They were impressed with how easy it is to spot Australia’s iconic wildlife and also commented on how friendly and laid-back the Aussies are. One guest house owner even lent them her own 4WD to get the best pictures of the different coloured sand layers of the aptly named Rainbow Beach.

During lunch, Jon immediately started asking about where to get the best shots of Brisbane. Since he had just arrived and this was his holiday, we must have looked bewildered. Tina explained: “That’s how it usually goes. As soon as we get to a new place, Jon wants to go out and capture it.”

Testing the new Sony A7R II

Jon generously offered to share his knowledge with some of the budding photographers and videographers at Tourism Media. Our digital photo & video expert Sawyer drove him to one of Brisbane’s most famous views: the location where all the news channels go to broadcast live presentations from Queensland’s capital. From the Kangaroo Point cliffs, you can see the Brisbane River and the botanical gardens against the backdrop of the city skyline.

In order to establish if we can upgrade to higher-resolution 4K shoots in the near future, Jon was testing a new Sony A7R II, using a slider and several filters to capture the sunset on this stormy Saturday. While he is impressed by the cameras dynamic range, he’s reserving his verdict until he has tested it on everything from the finer details of museum exhibits to panoramic nature shots. We’ll keep you posted where his next photo and video shoot will bring him and reveal his final product review…

True Adventures in the Cook Islands

Tourism Media’s resident photographic family, the Wilkinsons (Ian takes the photos and Sandra manages logistics) hit the road again recently – this time for an adventure filming and photographing the Cook Islands.

Sandra said this was one of the easiest shoots she has ever had to organise and the team at Cook Islands Tourism provided fantastic help every step of the way. “Their enthusiasm and support for this project was amazing and it allowed us to really capture the magic of the islands.”

“The highlight for me was Aitutaki where we got to snorkel with a collection of marine life including tropical fish and giant clams. It is something I’ll never forget,” she said.

According to Ian, it took the whole family a little while to adjust to the relaxed feeling of the beautiful islands, but once they did, they never wanted to leave.

In particular, Ian loved Atiu which made them feel like they were really living an adventure.

“Our kids were able to spend their time collecting shells and learning how to open coconuts with a stick,” he said.

“I was fascinated to learn that you cannot buy land on the islands. It is owned by the locals, but they share it with their family as kids grow, essentially subdividing it as they grow older and marry. This means land values never increase, so owning a house is within everyone’s reach, not just for the richest.”

“The Cook Islands are beautiful, relaxing and welcoming and I’d jump at the chance to go back,” he said.