This week, Tourism Media’s Media Production Manager, Sandra, and her husband Ian (who is a Tourism Media photographer) returned from a family holiday having ticked off yet another incredible destination on their “must see” list – this time, Vanuatu.

And as you can imagine, they brought back some spectacular photos.

From the dusty floors of a traditional village, to the bubbling lava of an active volcano and the crystal clear waters of a tropical island, the family of intrepid adventurers sure experienced it all.

For Sandra, one of the highlights of the trip was Mt. Yasur. At an elevation of 361 meters, this is one of Vanuatu’s most active volcanoes. In fact, Mt. Yasur is so active that it can erupt several times an hour, putting on quite a show for those brave enough to approach the edge.

According to Sandra, even though the marks of child-sized finger grips are just starting to fade from her arms, everyone eventually relaxed and enjoyed the spectacle.

Another trip highlight for the Wilkinsons, albeit a humbling one, was a village visit on Tanna Island.

“Life in Brisbane seems over-complicated compared to the day-to-day happenings in this village,” says Sandra. “Here the kids play Blind Man’s Bluff rather than iPads, payments are made with pigs rather than credit cards, and if you don’t grow or catch your food, you simply don’t eat.”

“One of my strongest memories of that visit was how the dust billowed up under the small feet of the villagers as they danced and played – and I love that Ian managed to capture that moment perfectly in a series of still photos.”

Before they headed home, the beautiful Lelepa Island provided a cool change for the Wilkinsons. With its crystal clear waters and coral reefs so deep that they remain undamaged by tourist traffic, it was the perfect place to relax.

Keep your eyes peeled for some more cracking shots from Ian, soon to be published on the Vanuatu travel page featured on