Machu Picchu in Peru’s southeastern region is so famous, that many people fly straight from Lima to Cusco and don’t take the time to see the rest of this incredibly diverse country. And, if you ask for my (slightly biased) opinion, that’s a real shame!

Much of Peru’s east comprises lush jungle full of exotic creatures, such as the Amazon river dolphins, monkeys and piranhas. In the southwest you can fly over the mysterious Nazca lines, cruise past sea lion colonies lazing on rugged islands and surf down desert dunes. Peru’s central highlands contain ranges of majestic mountains and the northwest is a place for dreamy surf beaches and fishing villages.

Our Trujillo Vacation Travel Guide for Expedia intends to draw everyone’s attention to one of the country’s most picturesque and cultural cities, located near the coast, north of Lima. Trujillo is the gateway to some of the country’s oldest ruins and all around Trujillo you can find the scattered remnants of the Moche and Chimu cultures, which predate the Incas. These desert tribes built entire cities out of mud, dug irrigation canals for their gardens and made fishing boats that can surf the waves. The Moche and the Chimu were some of South America’s earliest civilisations and the legacy they left behind gives an insight in their way of life.

When I first arrived in this desert city, I had never heard of these early cultures and I was surprised how detailed and advanced the Moche ceramics were, even though the sculptures were created more than a millennium ago. During a tour of the ruins around Trujillo, I learned all about the Temples of the Sun and the Moon. Although these pyramids have crumbled, there is a lot to see underneath and around these ancient structures.

Our Trujillo Vacation Travel Guide

I hope that after watching this Trujillo Vacation Travel Guide you will be just as intrigued as I was and perhaps one day you will have the chance to go and see Peru’s adobe cities for yourself!

The initial research was done by Johnny Danalis (who made sure we filmed the beautiful Paso horse dance the Marinera!), the film shoot was arranged by Rohan Trundle & Sandra Wilkinson, and the camerawork is by Jon Reid. The script was written by Barbara Winters, the music by Daniel O’Brien & Jacquie Joy and the video was edited by Sawyer.

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