Edinburgh is certainly one of the world most beautiful cities and in this week’s latest travel guide we show off the glory the Scottish capitol. The stunning visuals weave a story with picturesque locations such as Arthur’s Seat, Princess Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle but the real highlight of our newest destination guide is the music. Extra care and attention was spent crafting the music style for this city, each beat and music change was handcrafted to give the audience a greater understanding of the flow and culture of the city.

Tourism Media’s music composer, Jacquie Joy, had this to say about her time spent exploring the sounds of Edinburgh:

“Edinburgh’s music was inspired by the city’s beauty- and to represent this I chose to use female vocals (inspired by a Scottish born Annie Lennox) as one of the main instruments.  For this, I played sampled vocals/sampled vocal pads within the recently released ‘Vocalise’ by Heavyocity.   The inclusion of the marching snare and french horns provided the musical balance, and represented the more traditional and grand nature of Edinburgh.”

You can check out the latest guide below.