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Storytelling is one of humankind’s oldest pastimes, with tales of far-off lands and adventure holding a particular fascination.

At Tourism Media, we have gathered together an international team of travel content writers, content managers, fact checkers and proofreaders, all of whom are passionate about exploring the world.

Our sophisticated Content Management System seamlessly integrates all of these elements to produce high quality travel content that is informative, factually correct and error free.

Our 6-step system starts with our content manager assigning writing tasks to our highly qualified travel writers. These professional writers are based all around the world and have been published across a wide range of genres.

Each new destination piece then goes through a rigorous process of style editing, fact checking, copy editing and proofreading before it’s signed off by our chief editor for final approval.

Tourism Media’s in-depth travel videos are designed to capture the magic of some of the world’s great destinations. Our award-winning videographers are fully briefed on each destination’s Points of Interest and themes, and within days the footage is delivered fresh to HQ. Scripts are then written, edited and fact checked and original music is produced by our in-house composer. Words and music are then woven together by our digital experts.

Whether it be providing useful advice on the best ways to reach Mount Rushmore or creating spellbinding videos of Kyoto, our stories brim with colour, flavour and passion.