Tourism Media – World Leaders in Travel Photography, Travel Writing and Travel Videos.

Our travel videos are a seamless marriage between all our departments.

Our Media Production Department works with our clients such as Expedia, Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) and tourism bodies to plan each shoot and pave the way for our intrepid photographers. Our writers delve into preliminary research, picking out the quirks and special qualities for each destination and point of interest before briefing our shooters on specific themes and even suggesting individual shots.

Once the footage arrives at Tourism Media HQ, our writers craft a script around the footage. The script is then lovingly finessed, line by painful line by the editorial team, before final fact checking and approval.

We then work with voice studios and professionals from all over the world to select a local accent for the voice-over. Meanwhile, our busy in-house composer creates music tracks which bring the entire video to life, employing instrument samples, styles and themes specific to each destination and even particular footage.

Our video editors and producers weave all the pieces together and then publish it to one of the 20-plus YouTube channels that we manage.

The end result is the world’s best travel videos that within days generate thousands of views.

From New York to Rotorua, Copenhagen to Hong Kong, our videos are designed to educate, entertain and, most importantly of all, have your customers reaching for their passports.