Travel Writing

Our core editorial team consists of four industry veterans, all of whom have been published across a broad range of genres, from children’s books to chick-lit, architecture to travel guides. Our extended team of content writers and editors are all keen travellers and hail from across Europe, the UK, New Zealand, the USA, South America and Down Under. Writing is just one part of the challenge; each piece of text also goes through a rigorous five-stage editing and fact-checking process.

Travel Photos & Travel Videos

Capturing awe-inspiring images and video starts with our logistics maestros. Our production team thoroughly researches each destination, prepares itineraries and liaises with tourism authorities all over the world. Experts at managing the complicated business of securing permissions, insurances and on-ground support, they literally pave the way for our photographers and cinematographers. Once our shooters land, they can focus on what they do best: capturing the freshest images and most up-to-date video in the market. Our in-house media department then edits and processes the images, which often go live within days of shooting.

Corporate Video Production

Even globetrotters like us need the occasional vacation from travel. Over the years we’ve directed our cameras, dollies and sound booms into all sorts of corporate projects, from an entire series dedicated to craft breweries, to one-offs for property kingpins. With full in-house studio and editing facilities, to the latest in drone technology, the sky’s the limit. We can shoot underwater too!

Music Composition

TM’s founding directors are both true audiophiles. They came to the conclusion long ago that nothing enhances the spirit of video like original music. Our in-house composer has been with TM from the start, and delights in the challenge of sourcing new instruments and samples, whether it be an ol’ time Gretsch snare drum for a Denver clip, or a crocodile-shaped floor zither for a video on Thailand.

Travel Content Management Systems

It’s not enough just to create the world’s largest and most up-to-date collection of travel content, the content has to be seamlessly managed and delivered, too. At the core of our operations are our time-tested but ever-evolving workflow and tracking platforms, from which our developers tailor bespoke solutions that are seasons ahead of the competition. Our fully integrated project management, publishing and business intelligence systems can be client or co-managed, and can slot straight into existing architecture or be designed as stand-alone additions.

Recently, our development team created the first stage of Expedia’s viewfinder™ application (, a game-changer in online trip planning and travel photo browsing and sharing. And there’s more just around the corner, so stay tuned!