Last week the TM writing department welcomed their newest staff member, a black Labrador pup called Leroy Wilson! Leroy will be joining the team for the next 12 months as his foster mum, Kathy Wilson, trains him to become a seeing-eye dog.

Leroy was only 13 weeks old when he arrived at the office. Having just been separated from his two sisters, Layla and Lucky, Kathy was a little concerned about how he’d get on.

The first day was a little rough. Quite literally in fact. The writers’ room was graced with yips and howls all morning. We endured as best we could until John had the sense to try to calm poor Leroy with a spot of music.

Funnily enough, there is quite the archive of puppy calming playlists on Spotify! Our new resident wasn’t pacified by Bach or Mozart though. In fact, he proceeded to join in with their sweeping melodies (despite being piercingly out of tune).

After some experimentation, we found that he was quite partial to avant-garde electronica instrumentalist, Toshiki Hayashi, and thankfully he didn’t feel the need to participate. Leroy was the perfect resident puppy in the writers’ room for the rest of the afternoon. And since then, he has only become more well behaved!

Because Leroy is in training, Kathy is required to be very stern with the rest of the staff members, lest they instil bad habits. Leroy is often referred to as “the invisible thing in the corner,” because he needs to know that he is not the centre of everyone’s attention. While he’s wearing his guide dog-in-training vest he can’t be swooned upon. A task which proves quite difficult for some.

We’ve fallen into quite the routine with our newest four-legged staff member. John takes the role of Leroy’s work dad very seriously and makes his bed every morning in preparation for his arrival.

We’re all very fond of little Leroy, and he will be sorely missed when he passes his test and becomes a fully-fledged guide dog. It will be bittersweet, but we rest in the knowledge that Leroy will be on his way to changing someone’s life for the better!