A solemn atmosphere descended upon the office last week, as we bid farewell to our favourite guide dog in training, Leroy Wilson.

Having passed all his exams with flying colours, he is now off on the next stage of his adventure, an extensive 3-month training program alongside his siblings. Then, he will be paired with a vision-impaired person, and will carry out his mission of guiding them. On paths, and in life’s big lessons.

We are all so proud, but Kathy, his foster mum, would be lying if she didn’t say that there was a part of her that wanted him to fail his exams so that he could stay. Alas, Leroy Wilson is perfect, so there is a small chance of that.

There certainly been ups and downs since our last update, when Leroy was just 13 weeks old. He has graduated crate training, no longer needs avant-garde electronica to sleep, and has quadrupled in size (and cuteness).

There have been many tests (mainly in the form of two pocket-rockets named Tilly and Daisy), but for the most part, Leroy has remained strong.

Parting ways was hard, but we know without a doubt that this handsome, sweet boy will go on to change someone’s life for the better.